Lucky Eagle and Tribal Council Announce That Lucky Eagle and Chehalis Resort Are Suspending Operations for Reopening

Lucky Eagle casino & hotel in Chehalis are one of the few casinos in Western Washington that has been open for many years. Lucky Eagle is a five star resort located on the scenic Olympic Peninsula. It has been an anchor of the community for many years. The Chehalis tribe and the Lucky Eagle Casino and Hotel are closing it’s operations on March 31st, at which time the Chehalis Tribal Council will hold a special ceremony to notify the public.

lucky eagle casino  hotel

The Chehalis Resort and Casino has been an anchor of the community for over five decades. The Chehalis Tribal Council and the Lucky Eagle Resort Casino and Hotel have announced that it is suspending operations for a planned re-opening date of April 1st.

Tribal Council representatives, including Tribal Chairwoman Nancy Riven, will host a news conference to discuss the reopening of Lucky Eagle. The news conference will be held in the Lucky Eagle Restaurant at the Chehalis Resort and Casino. Tribal Council members are expected to discuss the casino’s history, current operations, and upcoming plans. Tribal Council representatives will also provide updates on the future of the Resort and the Chehalis Tribal Business Partnership.

Nancy Riven, Tribal Chairwoman says, “The Chehalis Resort and Casino are an anchor in our community for over five decades. Lucky Eagle is a beloved casino with loyal customers, but the timing is right for a transition. The Chehalis Resort and Casino have worked hard to keep the Tribal community involved for all of these years. Lucky Eagle is the perfect example of how you can work with the Chehalis Tribal Council to keep the Casino and Resort in the forefront of the Tribal community and keep it open for the long term future.”

The casino has been the source of much controversy over the past several months. Local residents have opposed the casino’s relocation to a new location as they feel it is not a fair relocation for the community. Opponents of the Chehalis Resort and Casino have stated that the casino is simply taking away from the tribal culture of the area and taking jobs and money from local businesses.

Chehalis Resort and Casino is known to be home to some of the highest paying employees, as well as the lowest crime rate in the Chehalis Valley. Chehalis is located just across the border of Oregon in Oregon.