The Lucky Eagle Casino Resort – Closing Down Due to Economic Crisis

Kickapoo Lucky eagle Casino Hotel has been a very popular casino in the Philippines since the early 1990s. Today, they are closing down. According to an announcement by their Facebook page, the casino business said that it is closing up shop until further notice due to “unforeseen financial and economic circumstances”. They also said that they would be holding a special grand reopening to celebrate the occasion.

lucky eagle casino hotel

The hotel is located about two hours north of Manila in Taguig City, which is the capital of the Province of Albay. It was established as an upscale hotel in 1993 and at that time, it was the only such hotel in Taguig. The hotel is still quite popular and there have been many visitors that have visited this place.

A post about the closure of the Luckyeagles Casino Hotel on its official Facebook page said that the owner was trying to reorganize the whole organization and make a new plan that would improve its revenue. According to reports, some people were worried about the impact on the local community and business sector. The post also said that the casino business would not close the doors to its existing customers. It is also yet to give an exact date of the opening of the new casino.

Some reports said that the Lucky eagle Casino Hotel closed due to some financial problems but other reports claimed that the hotel’s debt is too big to be resolved through debt settlement. A few months ago, a few local residents filed a complaint against the Lucky eagle Casino Hotel and it was later investigated by the authorities. They later concluded that the complaint was valid and advised the owners of the hotel not to be lax on their finances. A few weeks after, it was revealed that the hotel had actually lost the services of its general manager because of his inability to handle the financial crisis. It was then that they decided to close down the hotel until further notice.

Many casino enthusiasts are now hoping that the Lucky eagle Casino Hotel may soon open again after the closure. Some people are calling on the authorities to provide a second chance to the local people to invest in the business. One of the plans of the owners is to start a casino hotel in the North East of the country in Muntinlupang City. This casino would be located in the area of the old Muntinlupang School.

The Lucky eagle Casino is the only major casino in Taguig City that has been hit by closure due to the economic crisis. There are other smaller hotels in the area that may also be affected by the same. However, there are some reports that the hotel would continue to operate even if it does not get a second chance from the government. Even if the luck eagle Casino Resort will close, the people who are interested in its services can try their luck elsewhere.