The Legend of the Nile Slot Machine Available Online

Reviews of the Online Slots at Legend of the Nile

The new Legend of the Nile slot machine has a screen that is 6 by 6 and uses a cluster pays mechanism. This allows you to work your way to large rewards throughout each and every single round. If you get the proper symbols on your screen, not only will you be eligible to win prizes worth up to 112,270 Coins while you are playing for real money, but you will also be eligible to win a bonus progressive jackpot that will expand over time. In addition, similar to all of BetSoft’s other slot machines, you may take advantage of this profitable game on any mobile device other than your own computer at home.

Not only does this game have a jackpot, which is quite appealing, but it also has a number of built-in additional elements, which is another reason why it is so compelling. In addition to the standard “double-up” function, this slot machine has three progressive bonus trails that, when completed, allow the player to get access to free games and winnings that are about six times greater than those found in the regular game.

How to Play the Online Slot Game “Legend of the Nile”

The Legend of the Nile slot machine is very user-friendly, despite the fact that it has six reels and a ton of different bonuses. You’ll be able to start the reels spinning as soon as you’ve placed your bet using the controls on the left-hand side of the screen. You may choose a coin value and raise your bet level by up to five times with these settings, giving you the ability to wager anywhere from 0.30 credits every spin to a total of 150 credits.

Cluster pay mechanisms, as opposed to paylines, are used in this slot machine, which is an odd feature given that the machine itself does not have paylines. In order to make the most of the 6×6 grid, these game mechanisms let you build winning combinations that are more lucrative than the typical wins you get for getting five of a type. The winnings at an online slots casino that accepts real money will vary from 10 coins all the way up to 6,000 coins for each spin if you play at the lowest possible wager level. If, on the other hand, you raise the maximum bet level to five, you will get winnings that are anywhere from fifty to thirty thousand coins for each spin you play. And that’s only the beginning of the game. If you make it to the bonus rounds, though, you will have the opportunity to win rewards that are far more valuable.

You may also play Legend of the Nile on your iOS device, such as your iPhone or iPad, or on your Android smartphone or tablet. This slot is similar to the majority of BetSoft’s other recently released games in that it is an HTML5 slot machine that can be played immediately even on older phones. After you have set your wager using the menu in the top-left corner of your screen, you can begin playing by using the enormous spin control that is shown on your screen.

Free Spins and Other Features Exclusive to Legend of the Nile

When you construct clusters of four or more matching symbols that are touching each other in any manner, regardless of how they are connected, you will be rewarded in Legend of the Nile just like you would be in any other game that uses the “cluster pays” mechanic. Once a winning cluster has been constructed, the game will instantly demolish it and provide you with brand new symbols to take its place. This will enable you to win two, three, or more consecutive times without incurring any further costs. When playing for real money, wild symbols may form some of the most lucrative clusters throughout the main game. This is because they can act as a replacement for any symbol other than the bonus icons, and can also provide awards of up to 30,000 coins when they are part of winning combinations.

Bonus symbols such as Anubis and Isis are two more that are important to be familiar with. During the main game, these symbols have the potential to pay out cash rewards, fill up the unique power bars for Anubis and Isis, and raise the bet level for each of those power bars. As soon as a bar is full, the slot machine will provide you with a free spins bonus that will be played with the special multiplied bet level you have achieved during the previous rounds. This will be played with the unique multiplied bet level you have earned during the previous rounds. Moreover, in order to make things even more interesting, during the free spins bonuses, these symbols will have boosted awards, ones that go up to a maximum of 100,000 coins for a cluster of 20 or more symbols.

And last, but by no means least important, there is the Ra symbol, which may be used to activate the Ra benefits. Additionally, a power bar is associated to this symbol; however, in contrast to the other power bars, this power bar is reset at the beginning of each new spin. When you complete a round with eighteen to fifteen Ra symbols collected, you will be eligible for bonuses of up to fifteen free spins. If you gather 17 symbols, though, you will win a payout that is equal to 400 times your entire bet, and if you collect 20 symbols, you will win the progressive jackpot.

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